12.02.21 | All

Money and Wellbeing

Wellbeing: a broad spectrum of human experiences normally associated with health, happiness and contentment.  But too often the financial aspect of wellness is forgotten. Yet, financial stress can make us think and act in a variety of ways effecting happiness, relationships, health, and other poor choices.   So, what can New Zealanders do to improve their…

11.02.21 | All

Non-pharmac drugs – what is the risk to you?

Lately, there has been a lot of media coverage about New Zealanders facing life threating illnesses and not being able to afford the medication they need because their medications are not on Pharmac’s funding list.  In New Zealand, there are many more medications on the Medsafe approved list than there are on the Pharmac list….

06.10.20 | All

Now is a good time to give yourself a financial check up!

Policy Anniversary.   Your policy, which forms part of your Risk Protection Plan will complete an anniversary very soon. Policy Anniversary entails changes in the sum insured, premium inflation adjustments and other relevant issues. More importantly, if you have had any changes in your circumstances, this needs to be reflected in your Risk Protection Plan. Contact us Retirement…

01.09.20 | All

Say ‘Farewell’ to Bonus Bonds

ANZ recently announced that it is winding up its Bonus Bond scheme, blaming low interest rates as the cause.  Ben Kelleher, ANZ’s Managing Director for Retail and Business Banking explains “Low interest rates have reduced the investment returns of the scheme which affects the size of the prize pool. It has now become apparent those…

20.08.20 | All

Responsible Investing – The New Norm

Alarmed at the impact of companies damaging the environment, a new generation of investors are looking to support companies that fund future sustainability and social responsibility, citing an increased awareness of climate change as one of their reasons. With more availability and choice in New Zealand, people now have the power to choose, bringing about…

20.08.20 | All

A Changing Landscape

One of the big changes that we have seen as advisers over the past 5 years or so, is the regular merger/takeover activity of insurers in New Zealand. Not that long ago there where 9 Life insurers that we could place business with. Now with Resolution Life taking over AMP but not wanting new business,…

14.08.20 | All

Negative interest rate, and what would it mean for you?

As New Zealand prepares for a second wave of Covid-19, the prospect that the Official Cash Rate (OCR) will fall below zero is now an increasing possibility.  A Negative OCR would be part of the RBNZ’s monetary package intended to help stimulate the economy in the wake of uncertainty, but such a decision will turn…

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