30.03.20 | All

Covid-19 Update

We know this is a very troubling time for all. We wanted to reach out and let you know we are still operating as usual from our home offices, so please contact us with any queries you have or services you require and we will endeavour to help you as best as we can.  …

02.12.19 | All

Top 5 Financial Tips

Earn more than you spend Have an emergency fund Identify your financial goals then make a plan of how and when you will achieve them Identify your strengths and weaknesses in your financial behaviour, i.e.: spender/saver If finances are not your thing, find help or education A key to success in life is having control…

02.12.19 | All

How to Teach Children Good Money Habits

As my daughter went through her childhood, I unflinchingly exposed her to the power of spending but kept other important aspects like earning and saving unknowingly hidden away. This created an unrealistic impression that my flashy silver (credit) card magically paid for all her heart desired. It is now time to teach her some life…

02.12.19 | All

Complaints Procedure

If you are dissatisfied in any way with the Ark Financial Group service, we want to know about it. We want to get it right for you. We have a formal internal complaint handling process and will try to reach a satisfactory resolution with you as soon as possible. Please contact 03 360 2001 and you…

02.12.19 | All

Contact details for Insurance Providers

Need to contact your insurance provider urgently. Please see a list below: Accuro 0800 222 876 AIA 0800 800 242 AMP 0800 808 267 Asteron 0800 737 101 Fidelity Life 0800 882 288 NIB 0800 123 642 Partners Life 0800 145 433 Southern Cross 0800 800 181 Sovereign 0800…

02.12.19 | All

Group Insurance Schemes

Group insurance for employees in New Zealand is much less common than typically found overseas. A leading reason for this is our strong public health system, social benefits and ACC which is near unique to New Zealand. The most common form of group insurance here, is health insurance. Many leading companies provide this for their…

02.12.19 | All

What is Rogaining?

Rogaine is a sport for the newbie and the gurus, with distances and level of difficulty to suit all players.  It is run all year round with different events around Canterbury and New Zealand. In Rogaining each team is made up of 2-5 people and you must find as many checkpoints as possible in the…

02.12.19 | All

Level Premiums – what is this about?

There are a number of insurance covers that offer both Level or Stepped (rate for age) options. Life and Trauma are the main ones we think of. When we take out personal cover there are a number of considerations that our advisers will discuss with you. Firstly, the type of cover must suit your current…

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