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What is Rogaining?

Rogaine is a sport for the newbie and the gurus, with distances and level of difficulty to suit all players.  It is run all year round with different events around Canterbury and New Zealand. In Rogaining each team is made up of 2-5 people and you must find as many checkpoints as possible in the…

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Level Premiums – what is this about?

There are a number of insurance covers that offer both Level or Stepped (rate for age) options. Life and Trauma are the main ones we think of. When we take out personal cover there are a number of considerations that our advisers will discuss with you. Firstly, the type of cover must suit your current…

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Kidsmart Health Cover

What is Kidsmart? Kidsmart is a health insurance policy designed with children in mind. We wanted to create a policy that caters for young people and their needs. Unlike most health insurance, KidSmart provides insurance cover for children, without the child being attached to an adult’s policy. KidSmart is a special policy that parents, grandparents…

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How are markets affected by President Trump?

Donald Trump’s confirmation as the next US president is now sinking in to a bemused world, but what does this mean for investment markets? At the time of writing, newspaper headlines are still talking about markets “plunging”, although this turned out to be far from the truth. Many markets saw a short, sharp drop (blink…

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The Benefits of Mortgage Protection

Your home is your castle. But what would happen if you lost your job or became disabled due to injury or illness? How long could you continue to pay your mortgage? Life insurance isn’t enough. Anyone who has a mortgage should consider mortgage protection insurance. The primary difference between mortgage protection insurance is that it…

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Children’s Trauma

Children‘s trauma insurance cover is designed to ease the financial pressure on families. Benefits are often spent on medical treatment, rehabilitation, replacing income if a parent takes time off work, or to take the family on holiday, during what is often a very stressful time for them. Unfortunately, we can’t prevent childhood sicknesses. However, additional…

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40+ Learn how you could save on your premiums

Generally premiums start off low and increase over time. As you get into your mid to late 40’s the premiums start to take off and continue to increase as you are more likely to suffer from cancer, stroke, heart attack or even premature death. This is called stepped premiums. Stepped Premiums are good when you…

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Your Financial Check up!

A financial health check-up can help establish your current financial situation along with identifying any strengths and weaknesses in your current financial protection plans. To help you be prepared for your insurance review, take the next few minutes to think about the following: Increased your mortgage(s) and or changed homes? Separated from your Partner or…

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