Specialist in Risk Insurance and KiwiSaver.

Why?People have asked me what is my why and why am I a Financial Adviser.
To keep a long story short, it is because of a beautiful human, my wife Makaila.
I’m a very lucky man and feel very blessed to be with Makaila. 3 years ago she suffered a major concussion/head trauma whilst training for a premier netball team.
This left Makaila with impairments to her vision, balance, memory, speech, being bed ridden for months and our lives turned upside down overnight, just 6 months after getting married.How we both wished back then that someone had spoken to us with regards to risk insurance. This would have helped our situation immensely.3 years on, and Makaila has recovered mostly, of course we have had to change things in our lives. It has been a long road, but the reason I do my job is because of her.I love her dearly and seeing her go through that, broke my heart. I wish someone had told us about life, trauma, mortgage protection and health insurance back then.The reason I am sharing this is so that I might help you, whether you are family, a friend or are a complete stranger, to understand the importance of insurance.It is so easy to put this aside and think “It won’t happen to me”.For us, it would have sped Makaila’s recovery due to waiting months on end from ACC. We could have afforded the glasses to speed up her recovery. We could have afforded the specialists’ appointments sooner. We could have afforded and managed our mortgage payments better.So there is my why.I have chosen this career path because I want to help and educate others, so you don’t have an experience like Makaila and I did.If you have ever thought about possibly getting risk insurance, I would be more than happy to help you avoid a situation like ours.If you have a current risk insurance plan or have some form of coverage through work, come and have a chat. We can make sure your plan in place covers your needs. Best thing, is that a conversation is free.
If you feel this resonates with you in someway, please get in touch as I would love to help you and your family.

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Erika Duff

"Adam at Ark Financial was a pleasure to work with. He worked around us and went the extra mile. Adam got us at a busy time in our home life and he just sorted everything out and made everything clear and easy to understand. We now have the peace of mind knowing our new little family will be looked if anything was to happen. Thank you Adam"

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