Personal advice that’s all about you, not us…

There are many insurance, investment, and superannuation options available in New Zealand. So much so that it’s easy to become confused about what’s best for now whilst still giving you flexibility as you move forward into the future. That’s where we, as non-aligned financial advisors can help you get things sorted. Whether you’re single or married; have children, grandchildren or no children at all; are a business owner, farmer, or an employee; we have the expertise to provide you with specific, personalised advice

As your personal advisor we can access Quality Product Research along with the fastest, smartest whole-of-market quotes to ensure you get the best options from New Zealand’s leading insurance companies.

We take the stress out of the small print by explaining how your policy meets your expectations and budget now, and most importantly how it performs at claim time.

We’re strong on personal service so you get qualified advice from an experienced advisor who will work in your best interests.

We keep in touch from time to time to ensure your insurance remains relevant to your needs as you go through life’s many stages.

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