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Nadi (Nandy) McIntyre – Ark Financial Group


I am a Financial Adviser (FSP766971), and I am giving advice on behalf of Ark Financial Group Limited (FSP749952, trading as Ark Financial Group).


My details are as follows:

Name: Nadi McIntyre Phone: 03 360 2001 Mobile: 022 198 7191


Address: Unit 5, Level 1, Parkside Plaza, 333 Harewood Road, Bishopdale, Christchurch





I will provide you with financial advice in relation to your personal and business insurances, investments and retirement planning (KiwiSaver).


I can provide financial advice for personal and business risk insurance on a wide range of providers but can only implement advice from Accuro, AIA, Asteron Life, Chubb Life, Fidelity, NIB, Partners Life and Resolution Life.


I have distribution agreements in place for investment implementation with ANZ investments, Booster, Fisher Funds, Milford and OneAnswer Portfolio Services.





I have the following qualification relevant to financial services:


  • Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Human Resource Management and Marketing
  • National Certificate in Financial Services (Life & Health, Investment and Residential Lending strands)


To ensure my competence is maintained I am required by the FMA to complete certain hours of professional development each year.





Neither Ark Financial Group Limited, Ark Mortgages Limited, nor I have been subject to a reliability event. A reliability event is something that might materially influence you in deciding whether to seek advice from me or from Ark Financial Group Limited. As an example, it would include legal proceedings against me, or if I had been discharged from bankruptcy in the last four years.





The fee structure for OneAnswer Portfolio Service is as follows:

  • There is an ongoing monthly service fee ranging from 0.25% – 1% based on the amount invested.
  • There is an annual fee (charged monthly) for term deposits of 0.2%.


If there are ever fees charged to you, I will communicate this to you beforehand.





Ark Financial Group (Ark) receives commissions from the relevant insurance company if you take out insurance following my advice. The commissions can range between 25% and 240% of the first year’s premiums of your policy, the amount depends on which insurance company and which insurance policy you choose. Ark also receives a commission that can range between 4% and 30% of the premium for each year the policy remains in force. A two-year claw-back period is applied by insurers for commissions paid on new business that is discontinued.


Ark has an agreement with Rothbury Insurance Brokers for fire and general referrals where they will provide a service to clients in conjunction with Ark Financial Group. Transactions will be handled by Rothbury and Ark will receive a percentage of the commission paid to Rothbury.


I may also receive corporate gifts, invitations to conferences and entertainment events, training and marketing support, and opportunities to be hosted by providers.





To ensure that I prioritise your interests above my own I have the following arrangements in place to assist me in avoiding or managing any conflicts of interests that may arise.


  • I follow an advice process that ensures my recommendations are made on the basis of your individual goals and circumstances.
  • As a Financial Adviser I am legally obligated to place the interest of my clients first and only recommend solutions that are suitable to them individually.
  • I do not have prescribed quotas or other arrangements that require a minimum proportion of sales to be placed with particular product providers.
  • I am willing to offer a fee structure to clients if this would give them confidence.
  • I am aware of the potential pressure for implementation commission gives and so regularly check my motives.




The information I have discussed with you is available in writing. Please let me know if you wish to have a written copy.

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